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Welcome to my "Videogame Cabinet"

In the cabinet are lists of my various videogame collections, as well as the "big list" of most all the games I have collected. As noted on my boardgame page, after getting online I discovered that the Usenet newsgroups housed the world's biggest garage sale. Collecting old videogames is both nostalgic and much more cost effective than shelling out the cash for what we are told are the "newest and best systems." But when you get people playing a classic game system (and help them get over being self-conscious about the often lousy graphics and sound), it's amazing how much fun 20+ year old games can really be! For some useful videogame links, visit my links page.

Top Shelf: Fairchild Channel F Games
updated 6/19/00

Second Shelf: Atari 2600 Games
updated 6/10/98

Third Shelf: Atari 5200 Games
updated 9/16/97

Fourth Shelf: Atari 7800 Games
updated 5/24/98

Fifth Shelf: Bally Astrocade Games
updated 6/19/00

Sixth Shelf: GCE Vectrex Games
updated 10/17/98

Bottom Shelf: Atari Jaguar Games
updated 6/19/00

Forget the shelves Maverick, I want to see the Big List updated 6/19/00

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