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Patches and utilities for the Dynamix flight simulation

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What's Here?

This page is a collection of miscellaneous patches, utilities and missions for the original version of the Dynamix flight simulation game Red Baron (not the newer releases Red Baron II or Red Baron 3D.) Red Baron simulates air combat in the First World War. Although the simulation was released over five years ago, it is still highly regarded for it's groundbreaking features including detailed flight characteristics and a mission builder utility which allowed armchair aces to recreate nearly any historical mission or create their own fictional scenarios.

My involvement with Red Baron began when I became a member of the Compuserve Flight Sim Forum. I was inspired by the other creative flight-sim hackers there (especially those who were modifying Lucasfilm's Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe) and I decided to dissect the Red Baron aircraft data files. As a result, I have created several patches that modify the program to correct errors and increase historical accuracy.

All of my patches are available here as well as the best of the others created by my fellow Red Baron hackers. To download the following files, just click on the file name.

If you don't know where to start, try Bob Church's XBARON and my RBHEX4 package. Read the article in which Computer Gaming World reviewed both and said they gave the old Baron the feeling of a factory fresh sim!

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Where to find Red Baron?

All letters and comments are appreciated, but please DON'T send e-mail asking me to send you a copy of the original Red Baron! The game is still being sold by Sierra On-Line. You can get the 16 color version from their site for FREE but unfortunately it will not work with most of the patches and upgrades here! Buy their full version with the Mission Builder upgrade, it's the best flight sim deal on the market!

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The Maverick's Red Baron Files

RBHEX4.ZIP---Red Baron Hex Editor Version 4

RBC13.ZIP---Red Baron Aircraft Color Editor from RBHEX4

RBREAL10.ZIP---Red Baron Realism Patch from RBHEX4

RBDATA10.ZIP---Red Baron Pilot and Ace Data Editor from RBHEX4

RBT15.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 15 by The Maverick and Scott Mobley

Other Essential Red Baron Files

XB146.ZIP---XBaron by Bob Church

MBPTCH.ZIP---Mission Builder Patch by 'Samurai' and 'Jaybird'

ACEFIX.ZIP---Ace Rank Patch by Bill Ciciora

RBPERS.ZIP---Ace's Personal Aircraft Patch by Graeme von Cree

RICHTH.ZIP---Ace's Personal Aircraft Patch by Graeme von Cree

Other Red Baron Files

BRISMB.ZIP---Bristol F.2B Campaign Patch by 'Samurai' and 'Jaybird'

MBLIST.ZIP---Pilot Data Printout Utility by James 'Jaybird' Johnson

RB-SCORE.ZIP---Red Baron Scoring by James 'Jaybird' Johnson

Red Baron Tournament Files

HOLLY1.ZIP---First Hooray for Hollywood Film Editing Contest

HOLLY2.ZIP---Second Hooray for Hollywood Contest

RBTNY1.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 1, February 1991

RBTNY3.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 3, September 1991

RBTNY5.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 5, January 1992

RBTNY6.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 6, April 1992

RBTNY7.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 7, May 1992

RBTNY8.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 8, December 1992

RBTNY9.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 9, May 1993

RBTN10.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 10, November 1993

RBTN11.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 11, March 1994

RBTN12.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 12, July 1994

RBT13.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 13, June 1995

RBT14.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 14, December 1995

RBTN16.ZIP---Red Baron Tournament 16, December 1996

Red Baron Mission Files

CUSNDX.ZIP---Index of Custom Missions by Graeme von Cree

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I am happy to answer most questions about these patches.
However, I do not have time to answer every question about Red Baron documentation or installation NOT related to the patches and such questions will be ignored. Please contact Sierra with those questions.

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These patches and modifications are not the product of Dynamix nor are they supported or endorsed by them. These patches have gone through rigorous testing but the authors assume no responsibility for any damage caused by their use. Please read all instructions and back up necessary files before running any of these patches!

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