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Aviation and flight simulation links:

  1. The Flight Simulaton Headquarters at
  2. The simFlight Network

Videogame links:

  1. The ultimate Atari site at Atari Gaming Headquarters
  2. The Classic Videogames Nexus at
  3. Emulators to play old videogames on your PC at Dan Boris' Emulator Page
  4. Awesome arcade game refrence site: The Killer List of Videogames
  5. MAME! The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

Boardgame related links:

  1. The top boardgame site on the web is
  2. The Web Grognards wargame site at
  3. Visit the Lost Worlds home page at
  4. Tongue in cheek role-playing at Macho Women With Guns
  5. Resources for Cry Havoc (and other games) at Lutz's Cry Havoc page
  6. The ConsimWorld discussion board at

Military and firearms links:

    SAS (all dead? looking for suggested links here...)
  1. A site devoted solely to the Special Air Service
  2. UK security agencies at the Secret Kingdom Site
  3. Overlord's Special Forces and Counter-Terrorism Site
  4. Australian SAS at

Miscellaneous links:

  1. Search for other web sites
  2. Search Usenet newsgroups for information
  3. Use the Internet Wayback Machine to view old websites at

Please send me e-mail if any of these links are no longer working.

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