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Welcome to my "Boardgame Closet"

In the closet you will find lists of my various game collections, as well as the "big list" of most all the board games in my collection.

Actually, the title of this page isn't strictly 100% accurate. In addition to boardgames, you will find that I also have a variety of "boardless" games as well... The number of games I have amassed is due to mostly to my unfortunate discovery of the internet gaming newsgroups which I found when I was trying to sell off some of my old games. Although I was able to sell off the games I didn't want to have around any more, I discovered that a lot of old "should have bought" titles were still floating around out there. In any case, enjoy browsing the lists and seeing if you can find something you might not have run across before. For more boardgame links, visit my links page.

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