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Welcome to my new location at!!!

I got rid of the good stuff, kept all the bad stuff, and added some more!

Things we recommend you SEE include:

  • My EBay sales - buy my spare books, games, wargames, etc.
  • My Games for sale - New and used games available for sale or trade
  • Boardgame and Videogame Lists - my collections, including mini-reviews
  • Dwarfstar Games Page - download six sci-fi/fantasy boardgames
  • Classic Microgame Museum - boardgame cover art
  • Ace of Aces Collector's Guide - the definitive guide to the game-book series
  • Red Baron Files - utilities and patches for the early 90's Dynamix flight sim
  • Cliffhanger Serial Page - all kinds of trivia on old serials
  • Scratch the Dog - visit Jimmy the Web Dog

  • E-MAIL ME AT: moc~dot~oohay~at~stsil-gswen37kcirevameht

    Address is backwards to confuse spammers - replace ~dot~ with a period and ~at~ with @

    Friends of the library The Maverick - top ten websites:

    1. My brother's dangerous page at
    2. John's D.J. service Sound Sensation
    3. Steve Strange (aka Steffan), Producer of Destination Diving
    4. Mark's new and improved page at
    5. Matt's very dangerous Macho Women with Guns Homage Page
    6. Bequeathed to me by Mark J., Microgame HQ
    7. A crazy shaker scooped Maverick at Maverick/Comet owner's website
    8. John's "not at all dangerous" Simulacrum magazine
    9. The unbelievably dangerous Spurious site at
    10. This space for rent:

    LINKS PAGE - LINKS to other interesting web sites I have visited

    Do you remember computer life before the internet?
    Do you remember dial-up bulletin board systems?

    In Memoriam - Quodtegitur BBS

    Look who's calling dial-up Bulletin Board Systems!! Quodtegitur BBS is a FREE bulletin board system. No, you can't access it through the net, the web, or your local grocery store. Dig up your comm program and dial (DIS) CON-NECTED. Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with immediate access after callback verification. Dozens of online games to play. Thousands of computer gaming files available for download including custom stuff for Doom, Heretic, Dark Forces, Wolfenstein, etc. We also have an extensive collection of flight sim files. Mouse-able VGA graphics menus available with RIP compatible comm program. Check it out and I'll bet you'll agree it kicks ASCII!! For an idea of what kinds of files we have, view the list of all flight sim related files on Quodtegitur.



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